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Painting of exterior walls

Toiture Fortin is able to paint the exterior walls of your home. Whether it’s wood, metal, brick or vinyl, we are able to do it. We use high quality Sico products adapted to the coatings of your home for a durable finish.

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Paint and elastomer for metal roofing

When it comes to rust or rust prevention on your sheet metal roof, we use professional quality products that will effectively treat and protect your sheet metal.

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Elastomer for shingle roof

To repair shingle roofing, we can always count on Noxor™ elastomeric coating by Techniseal to put the granules in place and extend the life your roof’s shingles. This recognized professional product will ensure work of unequalled quality!

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Uniflex sealer for flat roof with elastomeric membrane

Uniflex® One Flash permanent roof repair sealant ™ is a high quality, UV resistant, permanently flexible, stable flashing sealant. It is a durable, weather resistant sealant that provides excellent adhesion. Uniflex® One Flash ™ eliminates the need for fabric reinforcement, reducing the number of steps and labor time.

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